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Figure Skating World Championships

This has been an unusually busy week for me, so I haven't been able to follow the Figure Skating World Championships as closely as I would have liked.

However, I'm quite pleased with the results of the men's competition: Daisuke Takahashi in first, Patrick Chan in second, and Brian Joubert in third. I'm not overly excited about Joubert because he's a Quad Snob. I imagine that this event is going to fan the flames of the quad controversy though, because I think Joubert landed more than one quad (I don't want to check because the ice dancing free dance is airing again in a little bit and I don't want to know what happened), Chan didn't attempt a quad, Takahashi had one in his free skate but landed it two-footed. But I don't really care; two of my favorites from Vancouver took the top two spots and that's enough for me. Apparently Takahashi sat out all last season with a knee injury and didn't know if he would ever skate again even, so this is quite an impressive comeback.

(Speaking of knee injuries, Plushenko's injury that forced him to withdraw from Worlds is now being reported as a "knee injury," which is a bit more disturbing than the toe injury that was previously reported.)

And I'm so, so, so excited about the women's competition because Mirai Nagasu is in first place after the short program! She's definitely my favorite American skater on the women's side, and one of my favorites from Vancouver, and her short program today was magical. I'm so happy for her; I had hoped for her that she'd win a medal of any color, but now she has a decent chance of winning gold, and that would be thrilling.

But of course, one competitor's triumph is another's disappointment. Kim Yu-Na had a very disappointing short program and is currently in 7th place. It's kind of surprising in light of the heights to which she rose during the Olympics, but on the other hand, that performance probably took a lot out of her, and having risen to such heights she had that much farther to fall.

Well, if I'm going to stay up to watch the rest of the free dance, I'd better catnap during the commercials now, so that'll do it for me for the moment.
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