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What an emotionally grueling weekend!

I'm a mess, and tomorrow I have to go back to work, and I'm not sure I can handle it.

Okay, so here in Sioux Falls we had a mayoral election two weeks ago, which ended in a two-way tie, so they're having a run-off election tomorrow. Well, I think it was actually Friday (which is not part of my weekend) that I got an e-mail forward from a friend (or someone I thought was a friend anyway) about how one of the candidates is working with a strategist who is "openly and proudly homosexual"--horror of horrors!--and goes on to say something like "you can imagine what sort of special favors he will give the homosexual community if he gets elected." GASP! Do you mean we might have to, like, honor their powers of attorney and give them due process and stuff? But if we don't treat the "homosexual community" as second-class citizens, how will heterosexual people know to look down on them as inferior?

Anyway, so I sent her an e-mail back saying that I don't appreciate receiving anti-gay glurges, but I do appreciate knowing which candidate might be willing to offer the gay community "special rights"--or, as the rest of us call them, "rights"--so that I know who to vote for because as much as I would like to be a responsible and informed citizen, so much of the mayoral debate is fiscal this, financial that, budget blahblahblah I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!

So that upset me. Then tonight (Monday for the rest of the world, but Sunday for me) I was watching "Dancing with the Stars", and I knew already from Evan Lysacek's "tweet sheet" that he'd hit his head during practice, resulting in a mild concussion, but nonetheless I wasn't prepared to watch it happen, and I certainly wasn't prepared to watch it happen FOUR FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES!!!! [I had missed the first couple minutes of the show last night, but they'd also shown it during the opening montage.]

Okay, they showed it once during the actual segment, and that made sense, although they could just as well have cut to the hospital while having voice-over narration explaining what happened. They had also showed it as a teaser going into the commercial break, which I don't think was necessary but would have forgiven it had that been all. But no, as though it wasn't upsetting enough to watch it in real time, they then showed it during the segment AGAIN in slow motion, which was just sadistic. Then they edited it into yet another montage about the swing dance competition. NEWS FLASH, ABC: we watched the segment, we already knew that he fell and hurt his head while practicing swing dancing, we've already seen it three times, WE DON'T NEED TO SEE IT YET AGAIN!!!!!!!! Do they think that just because he wasn't seriously hurt that makes it less upsetting to watch? GAHHHHHHHH! I'm literally beyond words now.

I really feel sorry for his poor mother, because she doesn't watch him skate for fear of him hurting himself; she's been showing up to watch him dance, but she didn't appear to be there tonight, and I'm betting that he warned her not to come and not to watch it on TV. I hope she didn't watch it, because as upset as I am about it, I can only imagine what it would put her through, poor thing.

And then, to add insult to injury (literally), the judges gave him really lousy scores for his dance this week, and eliminated him from the swing dance competition before eliminating NFL star and conceited, grandstanding, spoiled crybaby Chad Ochocinco. Prior to this week, Evan and Anna had never been lower than second place on the leader board, but they're currently in fifth (out of seven), behind Ochocinco in third place. This is outrageous! Evan Lysacek is not only a better dancer than Chad Ochocinco, he's a better sportsman!

Words cannot express how upset I am right now; I'm literally overheating with righteous indignation!

Okay, I exaggerated a little bit two paragraphs ago about how upset I was about the results of tonight's competition, but that, plus the repeated replays of the accident, plus the other crap going on this weekend brought me to the verge of tears.

I was tempted to stop voting for Evan Lysacek because I certainly don't want to see him hurt himself anymore, but this humiliation by the judges cannot and will not stand, not if I have anything to say about it. I love Evan Lysacek, and anyone who insults the people I love will feel my wrath. As a matter of fact, I was even tempted to call in to vote through internet relay, even though that would be an unconscionable abuse of the service.
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