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I love you, Evan Lysacek

Well, I do; that shouldn't be news to anyone who's been paying attention to my journal over the past 3 or 4 months, but I also like to say it because it's iambic and it rolls very sweetly off the tongue.

I enjoy watching him on "Dancing with the Stars" but it's also kind of frustrating because I don't know enough about ballroom dancing to know whether or not he's doing well. And what makes it worse is that they do different dances every week, and what is good in one dance isn't necessarily good in another dance. I'm sure that if I continue watching the show for however many more seasons it runs I will learn, just as I learned what makes for good and bad figure skating over time, but that really doesn't really help me this season. It's also frustrating because people with high judges' scores keep ending up in the bottom two, which implies that the viewers' votes count for much more than the judges scores, which makes it essentially a popularity contest. I don't know, maybe that's as it should be; since the judges know what they're doing, they cover the technical merit, whereas viewers vote for the people they want to continue watching. Personally, I vote for those whom I think have the best attitude because I believe that is something worth encouraging because, for better or worse, people on TV are role models.

Regardless of the DWTS results tomorrow, my beloved Evan Lysacek will be rejoining the Stars on Ice tour on Wednesday--which, on this continent, is 5/12--in Austin Texas, which I think is kind of randomly cool because 512 is also Austin's area code.

In another instance of fitting randomness, today the weather was miserable: rainy, windy and cold. While running a few errands (fewer than I intended when I started out), I stopped at a grocery store, and the music playing over the sound system posed the very timely question: "who'll stop the rain?" Who, indeed? And when will that be?

In other news, I mailed off my final exam in medical transcription today, so that's kind of exciting. It's also kind of nerve-wracking because they threw us a hell of a nasty curveball in the last dictation. I don't think it was pedagogically sound; I don't think it makes for a fair assessment. If I manage to get a good score, all that shows is that I'm good at playing mind games, which is not necessarily relevant to a real-life job scenario. But I did my best, which is all I can do; it's all out of my hands now, but I'm proud of the effort I put in.
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