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Let's get ready to RUMBA!

Or rather, let's get ready to Argentine tango.

I'm watching the finale of "Dancing with the Stars". For their favorite dances, they all picked the Argentine tango.

During the interview segment Derek Hough, the celebrity dance partner of Nicole Scherzinger, said something to the effect of, "I'm not worried about Evan; he has that one really cool move, but it's not about the one move; it's about the whole routine."

What? It's about the whole routine? The one who does the most impressive trick doesn't automatically win? Why, that's heresy! Dancing is so much wimpier than men's figure skating!

I'm being facetious, of course, but I'm nervous because apparently the judges felt the same way; Nicole and Derek got first place in this round for 30 points, and Evan and Anna got second place for 28 points. I hope they at least make it to the top two so I can see them dance one more time.
Tags: figure skating, television
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