Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline


All right, I know I said at the beginning of this that I wasn't going to read any comments, but now I feel that was a mistake.

I am tired. I'm involved in a play at the moment, and I have also entered a serious phase of my teacher education. But I can't concentrate on any of that, because I feel compelled to do all I can to persuade my elected officials not to go to war.

I've written letters to the president. I've written letters to the secretary of state. I've written letters to my senators. I've posted every anti-war argument I can think of here in this journal. I haven't written any letters to the editor yet, but that's because I can't condense all I want to say into the 200-300 words that most newspapers require their letters to the editor to be, and I'm having trouble deciding which arguments are the most compelling.

But I'm afraid that nothing I've written is being read, and even if I have the most brilliant arguments in the world, if no one reads them they won't do any good. I'm beginning to feel a vast sense of futility.

I think it would help if I knew someone was reading what I have written, but since I said at the beginning that I wouldn't read any comments I think that may have been a deterrent. You, my readers, if indeed I have any, may be feeling the same sense of futility I have been. Why bother leaving comments if they're not going to be read?

Well, my readers, if I have any, I hereby rescind that statement. If you leave comments, I will read them. I may not address them, but I will read them. If you agree with me, leave a comment, and I will read it. If you disagree with me, leave a comment, and I will read it. If you just want to say that you read something, leave a comment, and I will read it. I would really appreciate your feedback to know that I'm not just screaming out into a soundless void. Please let me know if my message is being received by anyone.

Thank you.
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