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Now to return to my favorite sport, figure skating. The ISU Congress was last week, and it looks like the only big change that was made in figure skating was to eliminate the compulsory dance from ice dancing competition. Since I'm still a comparative neophyte to the ice dancing event, I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it seems like most of the competitors themselves are happy about it, so I guess I'll take my cue from them.

The USFSA has announced its line-up for the Grand Prix Series of Figure Skating, and I'm mostly at a loss to understand how it was determined, so I'm just going to register chagrin that Evan Lysacek is not, at this time, scheduled to compete at any of the events and move on from there.

Speaking of chagrin, I've decided, with all due respect to the people who play it and/or love it, that soccer just is not my game. Yesterday I watched a player from Cote d'Ivoire launch himself at a Brazilian player by the childishly amusing name of Kaka (I think the accent goes on the second syllable), who raised an elbow in self-defense, which made contact with the Ivorian player's chest. The Ivorian player then launched himself to the ground clutching his face, and a foul was called against Kaka, who was removed from the match. Though I don't watch a lot of sports, I've seen many instances of players and coaches becoming angry, sometimes violently so, about a decision by a referee or judge. I do not condone that kind of behavior, but as a person who often struggles to contain her own temper, I can understand that sort of violent outburst. However, I have never seen--and cannot comprehend--such a blatant, pre-meditated attempt to sabotage another player on the field of play. Sadly, as a figure skating fan, I must admit that I have witnessed a competitor conspire to sabotage another competitor just off the field of play, but that at least was an isolated incident, while this sort of cheating and unsportsmanlike behavior doesn't seem to be at all uncommon in soccer. So while I'm still mildly interested in the outcome of the World Cup, I don't think I'll be watching any more matches.

Since I won't be watching the World Cup this weekend, I think I might try watching some of Wimbledon, if I can. Tennis has always been particularly mystifying to me among the ball-whacking sports, but nonetheless, I've always had a great deal of personal respect for the Williams sisters. Particularly, I have always admired Venus Williams because she, like Michelle Kwan, is about the same age that I am, and started competing professionally about the same time that Michelle Kwan started competing on the senior level.
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