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Never say never

That's somehow become my motto over the last year or so. It wasn't a conscious decision. In fact, I initially fought against it because some of the most painful and embarassing experiences in my life have come as a result of holding on when the wiser choice would have been to let go. It's a question of knowing the difference between true hope and false hope. True hope sometimes runs out, but it will come back, because hope is a thing with feathers: a phoenix.

I didn't intend to watch any more World Cup matches, but then I saw that the US's next match was against Ghana, and this pairing has personal symbolic significance. Not as much significance as US v. Nigeria would have had, but Ghana is part of the Borg Collective, so I wanted the US to draw a line: "this far, no further!"

So I understand a little bit better now why people get so passionate about soccer, although that doesn't excuse foul play, either on the field or in the stands. Speaking for myself, I can respect it a little more now, but soccer will never be my game. I still prefer individual sports, or sports of teams with four people or fewer, because it's easier for me to invest in/relate to individuals rather than teams, and because if there are more than four on a side it's harder for me to follow the action (although it's a little bit easier in soccer than it is in some sports because a white ball about the size of a person's head is easier to see than some of the other round objects that get whacked about on the various fields of play). I also prefer sports in which players or teams don't contend with each other head to head: like figure skating or gymnastics where the idea is to get the highest score but you take turns on the ice or apparatus, or like bobsled or swimming where the idea is to get the best time but not to physically wrest something from your opponents' grip, or like volleyball where--ideally--you don't actually come into physical contact with your opponents. I think that the head-to-head contention sports are too combative for me; it's too much like fighting even when everyone is actually playing by the rules. (I've said a lot of this in scattered comments already, but I want to say it here for the record.)

Anyway, Ghana won. This symbolic defeat suggests that perhaps resistance is futile after all.

But I won't back down.

Because my motto is: never say never.
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