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Mary Arline

What is correct is correct.

Today is the twelfth anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death, and so on this occasion, I would like to share some of the words of Father Roger Schmit from The Laramie Project:
I think right now our most important teachers must be Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney. They have to be our teachers. How did you learn? What did we as a society do to teach you that? See, I don't know if many people will let them be their teacher. I think it would be wonderful if the judge said, "In addition to your sentence, you must tell your story."

I was very vocal in this community when this happened--and I thought, "You know, should we, uh, should we call the bishop and ask him permission to do the vigil?" And I was like, "Hell, no, I'm not going to do that." His permission doesn't make it correct, you realize that? And I'm not knocking bishops, but what is correct is correct.

On a personal note, I'm so thankful that Fr. Schmit was the representative of the Catholic Church in Laramie when Matthew was killed, and I pray that all priests and all Catholics might heed his words of wisdom and follow his example.

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