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Golden Globes

I was just watching the Golden Globe awards tonight, and I thought I would make a short list of people who would be better at hosting than Ricky Gervais:

Carson Daly (hosted the pre-show show)
Robert Downey, Jr.
Alec Baldwin
Tina Fey & Steve Carell
Most of the cast of "30 Rock" in various combinations
Jane Lynch
Matt Damon
Tom Hanks & Tim Allen

Those are my suggestions. Out of that list, I would probably pick Tina Fey & Steve Carell, if it were up to me. Their patter while presenting the best screenplay (which ultimately went to The Social Network) had me LOLing and practically R-ingOTFL. But enough sardonic leet speak.

This might be an opportune moment to speak of "Glee." In theory, I should love "Glee." I love the idea of "Glee." I have seen a few episodes of "Glee" which I found enjoyable. I love the music of "Glee." But generally speaking, I find "Glee" too painful to watch and enjoy. The teen angst is more than my poor tender heart can take, but more than that, when I was in high school, we called glee club "swing choir" and I auditioned EVERY year and NEVER got in, so what kind of a freakish misfit loser does that make me? In other words, "Glee" hits a raw nerve for me.

"Glee" won a bunch of Golden Globes and deservedly so, but that means my beloved "Modern Family" got shut out. Alas! But at least it won a lot of Emmys. "Glee" got more Emmy nominations than my beloved "Modern Family," but my beloved "Modern Family" ended winning more Emmys (6 to 4).

Meanwhile, my beloved "Castle" goes completely unacknowledged and unsung by the various award organizations. Why? Whywhywhyyyyyyyyyy??? If there's a smarter, sexier, more entertaining, or better crafted show on TV right now, I certainly don't know what it is.
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