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I'm adding to my list...

...of people who would be better at hosting the Golden Globes than Ricky Gervais. I'm adding Sofia Vergara from my beloved "Modern Family" to the list, and I will attempt to explain why because unfortunately Hulu is only available in America, (but for those IN America, here's the link).

Sofia Vergara was nominated in the same category as Jane Lynch from "Glee"; Lynch won. I saw a clip from the "Today Show" in which Al Roker was interviewing Jane Lynch, and Sofia Vergara came up from behind, grabbed Lynch's Golden Globe and said, "This one is mine! But"--indicating her ample bosom--"I have two already, so it's okay. I have TWO Golden Globes!"

I don't know if my explaining it did it justice, but I laughed so hard I'm afraid the neighbors heard. So I'm adding Sofia Vergara to the list, and also I think that Sofia Vergara and Jane Lynch hosting together would be very funny as well. And that would set the stage for a bit in which the cast of "Modern Family" and the cast of "Glee" have an awesome, West Side Story-inspired rumble/dance-off, which would be pretty much the coolest thing ever!
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