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Feeling the SQUEEs

A friend of mine got me a gift subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Not something I would buy for myself, but I'm enjoying it.

The January 21 issue featured Johnny Depp in full pirate regalia on the cover...SQUEE!

This week's issue features the charming, talented and ruggedly handsome Nathan Fillion on the cover...DOUBLE SQUEE!

Last week's issue, though not the cover story, featured an article (with pictures!) about Daniel Radcliffe starring in a revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway...TRIPLE SQUEE!!

In the first place, I'm excited about Daniel Radcliffe returning to the stage. In the second place, I'm excited about him being in a musical. In the third place, I'm excited about him performing in a show that I know so well and have fond memories of performing in myself (although at times it was painful).

Unfortunately, I won't get to see it, but I hope they put out a cast recording at some point. I want to hear Harry Potter sing!
Tags: films, harry potter, music, television, theatre
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