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As I added to my previous entry, the movies I've been getting out of the library took a disturbingly depressing turn, and I got to the point where I just wanted to see something fun. So I went to see what was playing in the discount theater, and just my luck, one of the movies was Tangled, a movie I've been dying to see since I saw the first trailer.

It WAS fun, and I enjoyed it very much. I was surprised when I walked out of the theater and found that only an hour and a half had passed. I've seen movies that were roughly 90 minutes that seemed watered-down and lacking content and left me wanting more for the price I paid. Granted, in this case the price I paid was at a discount, but I definitely felt that I got much more than my money's worth out of the movie.

I divide the films in the Disney Animation Canon into two basic groups: pre-Lion King and post-Lion King. Generally speaking, I prefer the films up to and including The Lion King (Beauty and the Beast being my all-time favorite of that group). There are some movies in the post-Lion King group that I enjoy, but I feel that, after The Lion King, the non-Pixar Disney animated features became much more uneven in tone and quality.

Tangled employs the light, tongue-in-cheek, self-parodying tone employed in The Emperor's New Groove (a movie I loved) and is also similar in tone to the Shrek movies of rival Dreamworks (the first two of which I loved). In other ways, however, Tangled seems like a throwback to the pre-Lion King era of Disney animated features, with its comparatively realistic animation (as opposed to "cartoonish" animation) and its romantic story. When I say "romantic," I don't just mean the fact that it's a love story, but also the fact that it takes place in a magical, idealized world. I mentioned the animation but it's worth repeating that the animation is absolutely gorgeous, vivid and lush. I read somewhere that the goal was to create something like an oil painting come to life, and it succeeded as far as I'm concerned.

As much as I love Pixar and Toy Story in all its various iterations, I'm really disappointed now that Tangled didn't get nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar. Because, for one brief shining moment, it transformed me into the twelve-year-old girl I used to be, the girl who, every Thursday afternoon, came home from school, popped herself a bowl of popcorn and watched Beauty and the Beast, long after she could recite (and sing) the entire thing by heart. Like Beauty and the Beast, Tangled creates a world that I want to revisit over and over and feeds my insatiable appetite for romance and fairy tales. Yet at the same time, it maintains enough humor to keep me grounded and remind myself that I am not a twelve-year-old girl anymore and, as Dumbledore says, it does not do to dwell too much on dreams and forget to live.
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