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Source Code

Today is Memorial Day and the clinic is closed so I didn't have to work, so I went to see Source Code because (a) I love Jake Gyllenhaal and (b) I'd heard good things about it.

Okay. So it starts off as a fast-paced, engaging science-fiction story, grossly reminiscent of Quantum Leap (appropriately, Scott Bakula makes an off-screen cameo), and also arguably comparable with Inception.

The acting was excellent throughout and it is a very dense movie, packed with plot content, for only being 93 minutes long.

Then it got to the point where I started asking myself, "Shouldn't this be over?" but it kept going.

Then my head exploded.

Then the movie ended.

I initially compared it with Inception, but now I think that it is much more comparable to Donnie Darko, not only because of the Gyllenhaal connection but because Donnie Darko also made my head explode.
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