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I stopped subscribing to cable TV when I moved here 5+ years ago, and for the most part I don't really miss it that much because almost everything that I want to watch is available to me either on network TV or online (or on DVD, except that usually I can't afford boxed sets of things).

But everyone once in a while there's something that I want to watch that I just can't get to, and that's frustrating.

For example, the cast of Modern Family was on Inside the Actors Studio recently and I didn't get to see it. I was able to find some clips online, which were great, but they only piqued my curiosity and teased me with their clippiness, and now I want more!

To make things worse, my digital converter thingie seems to have died a horrible death, so at the moment, I don't even have access to network TV. The Tony Awards are this Sunday and apparently there's going to be a performance from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and I really want to see it because I don't know how many chances I am going to get to hear Daniel Radcliffe sing!
Tags: harry potter, music, television, theatre
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