Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

An acknowledgement and an insight

I went to church today because I don't want to go anywhere or talk to anyone tomorrow if I can help it. Interestingly, the Scripture readings for this weekend are all about forgiveness. I'm sure that is a coincidence, but it's an entirely fitting one.

There was something that I tried to say nearly six months ago when Osama bin Laden was killed but didn't really say very well. Today during church, I finally figured out how best to express in words what I wanted to say then and which is still relevant now:

I find it easier to forgive those who perpetrated attacks on America from the outside than to forgive those within the country who capitalize on the tragedy, who take advantage of people's anger and fear, either for their own personal/political gain or because they take a cruel and senseless delight in evoking pain and panic in others. That sort of manipulation amounts to a betrayal of one's country and fellow least as far as I'm concerned.

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