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Shall we review the meaning of the words "peace" and "good will"?

I think this may be an auspicious moment for me to tell my story about how separation of church and state can actually PROTECT us Christians from having our beliefs belittled and trivialized.

Once when I was in college I had some business to conduct at the county courthouse during the Advent season. I don't remember anymore what the business was, but I do remember that I had to stand at a desk and wait for a brief span of time. On this desk was a ceramic Nativity set. Now, since I am a Christian, the mere presence of a Nativity set did not offend me. Many times in my life I have seen Nativity sets that reflect various world cultures, and this does not offend me because it represents the universality of the Church. But this particular ceramic Nativity set, on display in a public building, deeply offended me because instead of depicting the Holy Family as human beings, it depicted them as teddy bears. TEDDY BEARS!?

Jesus Christ was not a teddy bear. He did not come to sacrifice himself to save teddy bears, and by depicting the Holy Family as teddy bears whoever designed this travesty, and whoever decided to put it on display, took the sacred mystery of the Incarnation and turned it into a cheap novelty, a whimsical trifle with no greater significance. I'm sure the employee responsible for this display meant no harm, perhaps they thought that it was a "safe" way to incorporate a Christmas tradition without offending anyone. Well, they failed. If it came down to a choice between that sacrilegious display and a rule banning religious displays of any kind in the courthouse, I would much rather have had a ban.

Is this what you want, militant Christmas defenders? Do you want to see our sacred beliefs trivialized in this way? Do you want to see our Blessed Savior reduced to a toy, a mere plaything? Is that what you want?

And while you're thinking about that, think about this: does this petty bickering that you insist on instigating every single year reflect a peaceful attitude of good will towards men? I understand that you feel that we as Christians are being attacked and that our beliefs are being violated, even though I do not agree, but even if you are right, would it not be more Christlike to turn the other cheek?
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