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Now I have to clean the little pieces of my mind off the walls.

You might not want to watch another random muppety video.

Do it anyway:

Many years ago, back in the dark ages of analog media, we used to listen to an old record of my mom's that was Alvin & the Chipmunks sing the Beatles. My mom told me the story once that she got it as a present and she didn't think she would like it because she didn't particularly care for either the Chipmunks or the Beatles (she's more of an Elvis fan), but then she listened to it and she loved it.

Now, when I was a kid we didn't have cable, so I only ever got to see one episode of Fraggle Rock (at a friend's house) and I knew the characters primarily from the tie-in picture books. And I don't have strong feelings about Ben Folds Five one way or the other (or at least I didn't until today), so when I saw that this video existed I was like, "Oh, that's neat."

Then I watched it, and it completely blew my mind. The end.
Tags: internet videos, muppets, music
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