Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline


Is it just me, or are liberals a lot funnier than conservatives? On purpose, I mean.

I was thinking about it, and I've come to the conclusion that we liberals nearly have the monopoly on satire. Think about it: we have Trudeau's Doonesbury, we have Stewart's Daily Show, we have Parker and the other guy's South Park, we have Smith's Dogma...I had more, but I can't think of them right now. Who do conservatives have? The guy who does the Mallard Fillmore comic strip and Ben Stein. Wow.

I feel the need to explain what I mean by satire. The art of satire is using humor to prove your point, but there's more to it than that. Satire exaggerates the issue in some way, yet its thesis is implicit. For example, Tucker Carlson calling Jon Stewart "John Kerry's butt-boy" is neither funny nor satirical. Jon Stewart calling Tucker Carlson a dick is funny, but not satirical. Jon Stewart showing children reading transcripts of Crossfire on his program is both satirical and hilarious.

For some reason, conservatives have not embraced satire as a rhetorical tool. Sarcasm yes, satire no. For some reason, they seem to feel the need to be deadly serious about everything (which, of course, makes them easy targets for satire).

I think this accounts (at least partially) for the so-called "liberal bias" of the media. Entertainment is predominantly liberal because liberals know how to be entertaining. But I think conservatives could be equally entertaining, and I don't think they'd even have to betray their strict principles to do so.

So, although it goes against my instincts, I'm going to offer America's conservatives some advice. I understand that your goal is to convince us to sublimate our own wants, needs, desires and beliefs for the good of the collective society at large. My suggestion to you is, you might be more likely to get us persuade us if you used satire as a rhetorical tool. We liberals like satire. We like to laugh. We mostly like to laugh at you, but we enjoy laughing at ourselves as well. If you'd use a lighter touch, tickling our funny bones rather than pounding our heads with a hammer, we might submit willingly respond the way you want us to.

Probably not, though. But I do think it would make this country a lot more fun.
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