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Some TV shows are better at depicting dorm rooms than others.

I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but dorm rooms on TV tend to be ridiculously huge, probably for practical reasons of fitting in cameras, etc.

Last week on Castle, Alexis moved into her dorm room, and it was supposed to be a touching scene but it just made me want to laugh because her dorm room was way too big and way too beautiful. Sure, it's an Ivy League school, but it's in New York City. I will never forget the experience of walking into a hotel room in New York and finding that it was smaller than most South Dakotan Holiday Inn rooms. If the same principle holds true for dormitories, then Columbia University's dorm rooms are the size of closets.

They did a better job with it on Modern Family. It was still way too big (two twin-size beds, yeah right) but they shot it at angles that made it seem claustrophobic, plus they depicted the walls as being made out of cinderblocks and painted them an unappealing color into the bargain. That's much more reminiscent of my experience moving into the dorm. Apart from the bunk beds, all that was missing was someone wandering the halls in the terrifying mascot costume (because nothing says, "Welcome to dorm life" like a relatively realistic-looking anthropomorphic wolf with teeth permanently bared).
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