Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

This is important, because the world needs Sesame Street:

I recently ran across this Sesame Workshop blog post about their financial relationship with PBS and with the federal government.1 Unsurprisingly, the article is clearly written, succinct and understandable, but there are just a couple of points that I want to highlight:

  • Most of the federal funding that the Workshop receives (which is a relatively small portion of their revenue) goes to producing the international co-productions. And let me make one thing absolutely clear: Sustaining Sesame Street in places like the Middle East and Nigeria is in ALL of our best interests.

  • Not only is the amount of money that Sesame Workshop receives from PBS relatively small, but the Workshop then gives most of that money back. Think about that for a second. Far from being the bloated, freeloading fat cats that certain politicians seem to think they are, PBS is so hard up that Sesame Workshop, a private nonprofit organization, is essentially saying to them, "Here, you need the money more than we do."

It's so frustrating that TV journalists/commentators can't be bothered to get their facts straight before they shoot off their mouths. News organizations and those who represent them should be held to a certain standard of accuracy, and they shouldn't hide behind the First Amendment to excuse their own failings and shortcomings. Furthermore, I'm greatly concerned that this calm and simple effort by Sesame Workshop to set the record straight may get lost in the sound and the fury, so I just want to do my small part to get this information out there where it needs to go.

1For those who understand such things, they also publish their financials on their website per federal law.
Tags: politics, sesame street, television
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