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Sometimes Disney synergy is a good thing

A year ago, give or take a few weeks, I was sitting in a movie theater watching The Muppets, laughing and crying and thoroughly enjoying myself and thinking something to the effect of, "Man, the only humanly possible thing that would make this movie better would be if Ty Burrell were in it."

Flash forward to tonight...when glorious, unbelievably exciting news comes over the wires or tubes or whatever: Ty Burrell to Star in Disney's 'Muppets' Sequel. It's like Disney is giving me a personalized Christmas gift, and I didn't even have to wish upon a star.

I suppose I should say thank you, shouldn't I? Thank you, Disney. This completely makes up for that whole Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-4 thing (I'm sure it seemed like a good idea on paper, and it resulted in an adorable Jack Sparrow costume for Kermit, so it wasn't a complete loss).

Now, if they would only cast Stana Katic (from Castle) as the Russian femme fatale, then virtually everything I love would be all in one place, (and two of the five celebrities would be checked off my wish list). In that case, all that would remain would be to think of an actual title for it so they could stop calling it "Muppets 2" (which is not only stupid but inaccurate; if anything, it should be "Muppets 8").

I guess all that remains to be said is an arm-flailing "YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!"
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