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So I guess it's official

Gervais is confirmed in a lead role in the next Muppet movie. The news came yesterday directly from the horse's mouth (or rather, the horse's Twitter feed). If you can trust a horse who also wrote and starred in a movie called "The Invention of Lying." Maybe not the most trustworthy animal in the stable, is all I'm saying.

Horse jokes aside, I'm genuinely happy for Gervais. He's apparently a big Muppet fan, and I imagine he must have been pretty disappointed when his cameo in the most recent got cut. I said before that there's a special kind of magic that happens when comedic actors work with Muppets, and even though I personally don't find Gervais funny, generally speaking, I know that a lot of people regard him as one of the comedy greats of our time; moreover, that Celebrity Lullabies bit that he did on Sesame Street was genuinely and undeniably hilarious. Plus, he has said that his favorite Muppet is Robin, which means he must have a heart in there somewhere.

With that said, and with all due respect to Christoph Waltz, I'm really glad that they also cast Ty Burrell, whom I love unequivocally and can laugh at/with unabashedly, because it would be really hard to get excited about this movie if it was starring Comedian-I-Can-Hardly-Stand and Actor-I-Barely-Know.

I just hope they get someone REALLY awesome for the third lead.
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