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Hypothetical music to my ears

"Ricky Gervais has been cast as the human lead in the upcoming Muppet movie. Though when it’s released in the US, it will be starring Steve Carrell [sic]."

I get the joke but, MAN, there is a seriously great idea in there! I would LOVE to see Steve Carell and Ty Burrell work together in something at some point. Not only is each brilliantly hilarious in his own right, but listen to how melodious their names sound together. It's so beautiful that it makes me want to write a poem about how much I wish this could be:

Ty Burrell and Steve Carell
In Muppets 2 when hijinks ensue
A better title is really vital

(What? I never promised you a GOOD poem.)

*sigh* Ah well, back to reality. I'll just cross my fingers for a Carell cameo, then.
Tags: films, muppets
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