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YoB&E: Day 13--Drum game ("It was the best of oatmeals...")

"Well...I can't lose them all!" This is probably one of Bert's most triumphant moments.

This is the sketch that I used to get confused with the Rhyming Game sketch. I remembered the lines "'It was the best of oatmeals; it was the worst of oatmeals,'" and "I have to...feed my guppies," but somehow the drumming part just completely escaped my memory and those lines somehow got conflated with that other sketch.

I seem to remember that my sister really liked this sketch, possibly because she's a percussionist herself. Or maybe just because it's funny. Or both.

I really believe that watching Sesame Street as a kid is part of the reason why I decided to major in English in college, specifically because of all the parodies they did, and continue to do. Somewhere along the line I figured out that parodies are funnier the better you know the source material.
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