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YoB&E: Day 23--John-John and Shola

Today we have more Muppet & kid moments, so stand by for the adorableness.

Bert talks to John-John about losing his paper clips

Ernie talks to Shola about losing a nickel.

"Why you lost your paper clips?" God bless Frank Oz for staying in the moment and not cracking up over that. And God bless John-John for engaging so completely with the Muppets.

In the second clip, I suspect that the plan was to have Ernie tell Shola a similar story about feeling different emotions, but then Shola took it in a whole different direction. Bless her heart. I hope they really gave her some candy.

John-John and Shola both came back for the Sesame Street 20th anniversary special, and apparently they both went on to be happy and successful adults. In fact, Shola went on to be a filmmaker, and I kind of wonder if working with Jim Henson at a young age influenced or inspired her in some way. I have no way of knowing, but it sure would make a great story.
Tags: unscripted muppet & kid moments, year of bert & ernie
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