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If/when they think of a decent name for the next Muppet movie, then I will call it by that name.

Lots of exciting news regarding the forthcoming Muppet movie came out this week (or last week, depending on what time zone you're in and what calendar you're using).

There were plot details revealed, more than I would have expected at this stage...not that I'm complaining, just making an observation. Ever since they revealed the human leads, I've been very eager to find out who was playing the bad guys(s), so with the revelation of the plot details, I was most excited to find out that Ricky Gervais is indeed playing a bad guy (but not THE bad guy). You see, I'm sure that Ty Burrell would also make a brilliant villain; in fact, three of the four most recent episodes of Modern Family seemed to be making a case that he could be a villain if need be (especially the most recent episode, in which he parodied The Godfather). My concern, for lack of a better word, was that I was going to have to root against him and for Ricky Gervais--which, hypothetically speaking, I could do for the Muppets' sake, but it wouldn't be easy and it wouldn't come naturally.

Speaking of Ricky Gervais, he's been doing some interviews and talking about working with the Muppets, and I have to say this: Over the past few years, I've said a lot of things about Gervais, some of them fairer than others. Nevertheless, I'm sincerely touched by the way that he describes feeling like a child while working with the Muppets.

With that said, there was one moment in a recent interview that made me laugh in a way that he probably didn't intend. I hear the sarcasm; I understand that he's joking, but it makes me laugh that he talks about having to work until 6:00 PM as being an imposition, because Jim Henson was rather notorious for keeping people out working until all hours of the night. So if you think that working until 6:00 PM is an imposition, he might possibly have kept you out until 6:00 AM the next morning. I don't know if that ever ACTUALLY happened, but I think it's within the realm of possibility. Not that he was a harsh taskmaster, of course. In fact, he was also famous for creating such a positive work environment that people were willing to do what he asked of them.

Anyway, I'm intrigued by the plot of the upcoming Muppet movie because it involves Kermit having an evil doppelganger who's a crime boss, which reminds me a lot of the plot of the movie Johnny Stecchino. So...I'm sure that it's extremely unlikely, I know that I'm one of approximately 50 people in America who would get the joke, but now I'm really wishing that Roberto Benigni would have a cameo. Because that would be hilarious. Think about it.
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