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YoB&E: Day 27--Martians visit the apartment

Today Bert & Ernie meet the Martians.

In the song "Imagination" that I featured yesterday, there's a line that says, "And the most remarkable thoughts I think have a way of being true." That's exactly what happens in this sketch; Ernie thinks up a fantastic story about Martians, and then it all comes to pass exactly as he pictured it. This happens in several other sketches, and all I can say is it's a good thing that Ernie is a sunny sort of personality who mostly imagines pleasant things.

I love it when Ernie is looking for Bert and he looks under the blankets AND the pillow. You know, just in case. I also love it when Ernie is describing the scenario of the Martians' visit and says offhandedly, "and they were looking for me, Bert." Because of COURSE the Martians' first choice to go up with them would be Ernie rather than Bert. They're probably hoping that Ernie will serve them ice cream sodas and make up games for them to play. Then again, they seem pretty excited about the oatmeal too, so maybe they are more on Bert's wavelength.

This sketch is hilarious and works really well on its own, but like so much great writing, it leaves me wanting more. What happened when the Martians showed up the in the kitchen requesting oatmeal in their repetitious way? How did Bert react? They could have made a whole show out of the Martians' hanging out with Bert & Ernie all day. Opportunity missed! Oh well.
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