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Short-term concurrent Sesame Street project

Hey, look! A reason to post more Sesame Street videos! Oh, boy!

While this campaign is going on, I'm going to try to post at least one video from Sesame Street's YouTube channel every day, which means I'm going to be going to YouTube as my primary source for Bert & Ernie videos, but it also means I'll be posting other things as well, particularly on weekends while my Bert & Ernie project goes on hold. I'm so excited about this! I'm enjoying my Bert & Ernie project, but the problem is that posting Bert & Ernie videos keeps reminding me of other sketches not involving them that I would like to share, and now I have an excuse to do so!

Since both the Bert & Ernie (or, in this case, Ernie) sketches I posted today were from, I'm going to start right now by showcasing one of my favorite Sesame Street characters, Don Music, whom you may recognize from three of my LJ userpics:

I look back on the Don Music sketches with such fondness. They taught about rhyming and logic and critical thinking while also being hilariously entertaining. But there was a problem. You've probably spotted it already. Parents were concerned about kids imitating his banging his head on the piano.

Usually when I hear parental concerns about kids picking up bad habits from watching Sesame Street, I laugh them off--because usually their concerns are completely absurd. But I can't completely dismiss this one...because I myself was one of those head-banging kids.

Now, in my defense, I understood perfectly well that banging my head on the piano was potentially painful, and I took precautions to keep from hurting myself. I always cushioned my head with my arm (it made a more impressive noise that way anyway) and I never hit it hard. There was probably more danger of my harming the piano than harming myself. Don't tell my dad.

Anyway, I don't blame them for retiring the character, but I still love Don Music and his songs. I love how overwrought and melodramatic he is; it reminds me a lot of myself, especially when I was younger. Maybe that's why I liked him so much, because I saw myself in him. As for the head-banging, I take responsibility for my own actions and hold nothing against him or the show.
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