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YoB&E: Day 35--Malfunctioning television

I should warn you that the voice of the television in this sketch is terrifying.

I'm so glad that Sesame Workshop decided to start that billion channel views campaign, because otherwise I might not have thought to use this sketch, which would be too bad because it's hilarious. It reminds me of the TV my family had when I was a kid, and of desperately wrestling with the rabbit ears trying to get the best reception (or any reception). It also reminds me of when I was very, very little and I had an idea that if you could break the TV screen, the characters on TV could get out. Fortunately, I never tried it to see if it would work; it was actually kind of a frightening idea to me.

I like the way Bert says, "For cryin' out loud!" That's one of my favorite expressions of frustration as well.

I notice that Bert gets hat hair, which is awesome. I'm not convinced that the hat looks better on Ernie, though, because Bert was wearing it askew. But a big hat like that probably wouldn't have looked good on his pointed head.

It's kind of shocking when Ernie pulls out a real hamster. Nowadays I think they would probably use a puppet hamster. I can't help but imagine that filming this sketch must have been...interesting, in that hamsters are not generally known for their continence, if you get my drift. By the way, what is it about hamsters that makes people want to name them "Henry"?

I have a little bit of sympathy for Bert at the end; I wouldn't want to watch a repeating "I", but one of my favorite Sesame Street songs of all time is about the letter I:

And speaking of hamburgers, here's a Waiter Grover sketch in which Grover serves a hamburger:

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