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YoB&E: Day 40--Bert's brother Bart

The theme for this week is visitors to Bert & Ernie's apartment.

Bert's brother Bart visits

As I've said before, when I was a kid, I always just assumed that Bert & Ernie were brothers. I don't remember seeing this sketch when I was a kid, but if I did, I must have tuned out the part(s) where Ernie says he's never met Bart.

I stand by what I said before about Bert & Ernie not using put-downs with each other. I don't think Ernie is trying to put Bert down; I think he's just honestly, albeit tactlessly, describing what he sees. Little kids do this a lot. In my experience, tact is a skill that has to be learned, and this sketch presents a teachable moment for the astute parent/caregiver. With that said, Ernie is one to talk about Bert's sticky-out ears, and I'm kind of surprised that he doesn't mention Bert's eyebrow, which I've always considered to be his most salient feature. Maybe they couldn't decide if they should make it singular or plural. I never would have thought to compare Bert's nose to a cucumber, but now that the comparison has been made, I can't unsee it.

Usually Ernie is so easygoing, so it's interesting to see how bewildered he gets by Bart. He knows where he stands with Bert and what he can and can't get away with; Bart is an unknown quantity, although he does seem to have the same taste in jokes as Fozzie Bear.

Since Bart is also played by Frank Oz, we don't get to see Bert and Bart interact, which is really a shame because it would be interesting to see how that dynamic played out.

By the way, it seems to me that giving your children names that are so similar is inviting a lot of confusion for everyone involved.

Now for a Sesame Street video from YouTube. Even though I'm a week late for President's Day, here's a Sesame Street News Flash on George Washington:

This anecdote from the life of George Washington is probably a complete fabrication, so this sketch has more entertainment value than educational value. My favorite part of this sketch is Frank Oz as George Washington's long-suffering father.
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