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YoB&E: Day 43--Bert's nephew, Brad

(Happy birthday, Jonah!)

On Monday, we met Bert's twin brother, Bart, and today we meet Bert's nephew, Brad. Whether Bart is Brad's father or not has never been established. I once read a YouTube comment theorizing that Bert's sister married Beaker, and I think I like that theory better.1

Say what you want about Ernie, but you've got to give him credit for his generosity: Rubber Duckie is his most prized possession, and yet he doesn't hesitate to share it with Brad.

Maybe Bert should have just said "Thank you, Ernie," and then taken the toys out himself after Ernie left. Maybe it's not really worth fighting over.

I don't have anything else to say except to quote my favorite lines from this sketch:

--*gasp* "Bert! You're not gonna put the baby in a tub like that!"

--"How about this thing here? I don't know what it's called...a ring, I think."

--"Into the water, swan!"
(This while Bert is taking a long, silent take to the camera, mouth agape, which isn't a line but is still one of my favorite parts.)

1Brad and Beaker were both played by Richard Hunt, as is evident from Brad's reaction when Ernie brings out the shark.
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