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YoB&E: Day 46--Ernie's literary endeavors

Today we have THREE Bert & Ernie sketches, and they all have to do with Ernie writing something.

Ernie writes a poem

Oh, man...I identify with Ernie more than usual in these sketches, as you can probably imagine.

Bert & Ernie sketches tend to focus more on the affective curriculum (feelings, self-esteem, cooperation, etc.) than on letters and numbers, which might be part of the reason why they've always been my favorites. So the first sketch about the alphabet "story" really stands out as being different. Nevertheless, it's still really funny (and it also deals with feelings, so there's some affective overlap there). I can even imagine using it in a class if I wanted to teach about subtext.

In the second sketch, Bert's annoyance is understandable, of course, but I'd like to point out that it could be worse; if Ernie hadn't been able to find a typewriter, he might have written the poem in chocolate pudding. Think of the mess it could make! I think this is the first sketch we've done that has Ernie saying something to the effect of, "Have some consideration, Bert! I'm trying to sleep!" It probably won't be the last. This sketch kind of reminds me of the Don Music sketches in that it's all about finding a rhyme that makes sense in context--and yes, I can imagine using this sketch in a class if I wanted to teach about context.

The third sketch is only available as a bootleg, and I don't remember seeing it as a child. I wonder if they stopped showing it because of concern over the (auditory) content of Ernie's movie. Or maybe there was concern about kids putting wastepaper baskets on their heads. Who knows? It's hilarious, though: "Ask me that again and look into my eyes." If I were teaching a class about pre-writing, I might use this sketch, if only to show what not to do.
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