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YoB&E: Day 54--"I Love a March"

I love a Bert & Ernie sketch/song about cooperation.

Bert loves a march; Ernie loves to drum

First of all, is it just me or is there something screwy about Bert's eyes in this sketch? They look too close together or off-center or something.

Simon Soundman, whom we met yesterday, makes another appearance in this sketch, for once not supplying sound effects. To me, this seems out of character for him, but since there was already instrumental accompaniment, I guess it was deemed unnecessary for him to chime in, which he could literally do. It's a little strange to me that people spontaneously start marching with Bert, and then peel off with equal spontaneity.

How did Ernie get his drum set outside? Does he have roadies?

I like how, when Bert and Ernie start fighting, their singing gets worse. It reflects the discord between them. The lyrics to Bert's part say that marching makes him feel "wild and free," which is funny to me. I spent a lot of years in various marching bands and there are few things that ever made me feel less wild and/or free. The lyrics to Ernie's part say, "My fingers snap," but how can you snap your fingers while you're holding drumsticks?

The human being in this sketch is a character named Olivia, played by an actress named Alaina Reed. She was on Sesame Street for the entire time that I was watching as a kid and yet, I'm sorry to say, I have no childhood memories of her at all. I have no idea why not; maybe I somehow conflated her with Susan in my mind. In any case, it's really a shame because she's very funny. In this sketch, I particularly like her friendly little "hello!" after she yells at Bert & Ernie to be quiet.

I like Bert & Ernie sketches about cooperation because everybody winds up happy in the end.
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