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YoB&E: Day 58--Another visit with Shola (feelings)

"Think of a ten-foot pigeon!"

I love the way that Bert compliments Shola on her imitation of Ernie's laugh; it's so sweet. I also love the way that Bert & Ernie get so hammy and melodramatic when being sad, so that just when I'm about to start crying with them, I start laughing instead.

I always laugh when Ernie says, "I'm not very good at getting mad either, Bert." It's true; with no eyebrows and a perpetual smile, he's not really built for getting mad. But it's also a reflection of Jim Henson's real-life personality; by all accounts, he almost never got angry or raised his voice at all.

However, Ernie must have practiced getting mad, because in the sketch we'll see tomorrow he seems to have gotten better at it.
Tags: unscripted muppet & kid moments, year of bert & ernie
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