Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

YoB&E: Day 66--Four Seasons Pageant

This is less a Bert & Ernie sketch and more a sketch that happens to have Bert and Ernie in it, but it's still good. I picked it because today is my sister's birthday, and she really likes Prairie Dawn.

Everyone in this sketch is really funny, but Grover steals the show as the stage manager. I'm trying to figure out why the Sesame Street Little Theater has a scrim for a curtain. Maybe they let Grover place the order.

Bert's funniest line: "Oh, excuse me sir."

Ernie's funniest line: "The beaches are open / For men and for wimming."

Prairie Dawn's funniest line: "Spring comes after winter, you silly!"

Cookie Monster's funniest line: "Leaves not bad either!"

Grover's funniest line: All of them, but I particularly like, "Oh, a thousand tweets!" and "Sorry, I could not find the sunshine!"

Herry is mostly funny because it's clear that his heart really isn't in this, in spite of his elaborate costume.

Then there's the unintentional humor that the actions don't always match the audio. Oops.
Tags: family, internet videos, year of bert & ernie
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