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YoB&E: Day 68--Lost Rubber Duckie

Here's another sketch involving Oscar. It's a sketch in two parts, but they only have the second part available on, so I'm using the bootleg that has both parts combined.

Oscar is unusually caring and concerned in this sketch. Also, what is he doing out of his trashcan and wandering around Bert & Ernie's apartment?

Ernie's hysteria is really funny, but it particularly makes me laugh when he says, "You can't just go to the store and buy a rubber duckie!" because apparently that's exactly what Jim Henson did in the first place, not knowing that it would become a cultural icon.

I laugh at the sound that Oscar's toy makes when you squeeze it. I used to have a toy called a "groan stick" that made a very similar sound.

Maybe I'm too literal minded, but I would have thought the fact that a rubber duckie is shaped like a duck would go without saying.

And they both promptly forget the lesson at the end, to great comedic effect.
Tags: internet videos, year of bert & ernie
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