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This week in death

On Tuesday came the news of Jane Henson's passing. I had heard that she was gravely ill, so it wasn't a surprise, but still. I didn't mention it at the time because I didn't know what to say.

I still don't know what to say, because I realize now that I don't really know very much about her. I know, of course, that she was Jim Henson's widow, mother to his children, and co-creator of the Muppets, but I know virtually nothing about who she was as an individual. But based on what I do know about her, I get the impression that maybe she preferred it that way. She strikes me as someone who was content to work behind the scenes and stay out of the limelight, someone who carefully guarded her privacy and found the fame somewhat burdensome.

In any case, people who are more knowledgeable and less conflicted than I am have put together some lovely tributes to her memory.

Then on Thursday came the news of Roger Ebert's passing. Again, not a huge surprise given how visibly ravaged he was by cancer, but still, a great loss to journalism and to cultural commentary.

I always appreciated his thoughtful, almost scholarly movie reviews. I always respected his opinion about movies, even when I disagreed with him. Even when I disagreed with him strenuously. Even when I disagreed with him with every fiber of my being, I still respected his opinion.
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