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YoB&E: Day 88--Oscar and ersatz chocolate ice cream

I recommend that you refrain from watching this video while eating, and that you refrain from eating while watching this video.

Ernie eats Bert's chocolate ice cream

I don't know, maybe it's the presence of Oscar in this sketch, but I feel really cranky and sarcastic in my comments about it.

"I was so hungry after finishing my chocolate ice cream that I had to eat [Bert's] chocolate ice cream too." Oh, you HAD to eat it? There was nothing else available?

Then Bert says of his chocolate ice cream, "It's in the refrigerator. Will you go get it for me?" What, are your legs broken? (No, they're nonexistent! Harhar!)

Then Oscar suddenly arrives with a couple of chocolate ice cream cones to give away. He's a deus ex trashcan-a!

So on the surface, this seems like a happy ending, with everyone getting the dessert he likes best. However, Ernie still doesn't get his just desserts (haha) in that there seem to be no consequences for eating Bert's ice cream and then lying about it. Part of me hopes that he gets a stomachache from eating so much ice cream.
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