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Star Wars on Sesame Street

Thirty-three years ago, in 1980, the Star Wars droids made two appearances on Sesame Street. Unfortunately, I've yet to come across an explanation as to how or why that happened. I'm guessing it must have had something to do with the connection between Jim Henson and George Lucas,1 but I don't actually know.

As documented in this article, the first appearance of the droids on Sesame Street begins with Big Bird reporting the sight of a flying saucer, with the adults typically assuming that he is imagining things. Then C-3PO and R2-D2 appear, verifying that Big Bird was NOT imagining things. And yet, apparently the adults never think to wonder what ELSE Big Bird might be telling the truth about. *sigh*

The main reason I'm posting this is because I want to archive that clip because, in the past, I've had trouble finding it. But it's also strangely fascinating to see two pop culture juggernauts collide like that.

1Little known fact: George Lucas initially asked Jim Henson to perform Yoda. Henson turned it down because he was too busy but recommended Frank Oz instead.
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