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YoB&E: Day 92--Sound guessing game; cups and saucers.

Because the first sketch is another guessing game, I thought it would be good to also do another sketch that I've been wanting to do but doesn't seem substantial enough for a whole separate entry.

ss feathered fairy tales
At first, this seems to be just another guessing game, but then it takes a turn for the bizarre

Ernie counts dishes while Bert freaks out

And once again, in the first sketch someone just shows up in the apartment completely unbidden. This time it's a psychotic train engineer who thinks train engines can talk and wear striped sweaters. Bert & Ernie really need to talk to Susan and Gordon about getting a deadbolt or a security system or something.

Bert's anxiety in the second sketch is terrific. I love it when he asks Ernie to hurry, and then suddenly the implications of that request hit him: "No! Don't hurry!" But the funniest part is when the picture falls off the wall. I assume that was just a random occurrence, but the timing is so perfect you could almost believe it was planned that way.
Tags: year of bert & ernie
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