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YoB&E: Day 100--"What's the Name of That Song?"

This is a classic Sesame Street song, and Bert & Ernie do arguably the best version of it. Unfortunately, the version is mixed weird so that the instrumental track is way too loud, but this is the best version I can find, so oh well.

What is the name of that song? Oh, and who's on first, by the way?

One of my favorite things in the entire world is when Muppets yell "Modulate!" during a musical number...and then do it.

Another one of my favorite things is when this intro starts and Bert says despairingly, "Oh, a music cue!"

Towards the beginning of the sketch, Bert says, "Stop it, please!" and I always think, "A dog has fleas!"

I can't decide whether I prefer this version of this song or Forgetful Jones' version. The Forgetful Jones version is the first version I ever heard, and I was surprised to learn much later that it wasn't written specifically for him.
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