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YoB&E: Day 105--"I Wonder" song

Ernie sings a song about curiosity

This song is only three or four years old, but I would put it right up there with any of the great Sesame songs of the past. It's a nice little reminder that education doesn't necessarily mean immediately providing the answers to questions.

Steve Whitmire gives a lovely performance here. I realized watching this that the important question isn't whether or not he sounds like Jim Henson, but whether he sounds like Ernie ... and the answer is yes.

But maybe, and I'm not criticizing but just observing, there is an ineffable Steve-quality to his voice because, as this song echoes around my cranium (which I don't mind at all) I can imagine Wembley Fraggle (a character Steve originated) singing it too. Like, as a duet with Ernie. And now I really wish that could be a thing.
Tags: music, year of bert & ernie
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