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YoB&E: Day 109--Cookie Monster Sleeps Over, Part 1

Cookie Monster sleeps over while Bert is out of town. Unfortunately, it isn't much fun for him.

ss cookie's nightmare 1
Cookie is afraid of a "monster"

As funny as Cookie Monster is when he's dreaming and scheming of ways to get cookies, and/or gobbling everything in sight, I like him best when he shows some dimensionality. Here, for example, he shows some real vulnerability. I mean, here's a self-proclaimed monster who can eat an entire pick-up truck. By all logic, he shouldn't be afraid of anything. Nevertheless, his fear is completely believable, even sympathetic.

Also it's kind of interesting that monsters can still be scared of other monsters, although what was really scaring him was less the "monster" aspect and more the "sinister unknown in the corner of the room" aspect. Poor Cookie probably just doesn't have the vocabulary to articulate his fears.

Ernie's very funny here: "The only monster in this room is you, Cookie Monster!" Also: "But there is a monster in my bed! ... poke, poke ..."

The "poke, poke" is the funniest bit to me; it just makes me laugh every single time. Apparently, Jim Henson had sort of a similar mannerism in real life: he would unconsciously add sound effects to his actions. Sometimes, watching old interviews and things, I've noticed him doing that, and it's hilarious and adorable.

Come back tomorrow for the stirring conclusion!
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