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YoB&E: Day 129--The National Bird

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans!

What a terrific ensemble piece for the Sesame Street Muppets! As though the script weren't funny enough, listen carefully to the sections in which everyone is talking at once, and you'll hear some ad libbed hidden gems. And what a great showcase for Herry Monster, of whom I can never get enough.

One of the great joys of revisiting Sesame Street as an adult is that there are still things for me to learn from it, even from a sketch like this that I've seen multiple times. Today I realized for the first time that this sketch isn't intended to teach historical fact, it's intended to teach ideas, e.g., the concept behind the democratic process.

Another, perhaps unintended, benefit of Sesame Street is that it introduces kids to satire. Not the word "satire," but it uses satire to such great effect that by the time they finally learn the word, they'll be able to understand the concept by connecting it to something with which they're already familiar.

What I'm about to say may sound flippant to some, but I really think that Sesame Street is one of this country's greatest accomplishments. Sesame Street, much like the United States itself, is the product of a group of people--flawed people, with their own egos and their own interests and their own motivations--putting aside their differences in service of an idea that was larger and greater than all of them, working together to create something for the common good, creating something that's endured for over four decades, something that's had such a profoundly, measurably positive effect in the world as a whole, touching countless hearts and enriching countless lives. I agree with Michael Davis when he says that Sesame Street "may be the very best ambassador that the United States has out there in the world."
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