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I had hoped never to sully myself by mentioning this name again...

Apparently, George W. Bush thinks that Edward Snowden caused harm to America by blowing the whistle on the PRISM program--which, it is important to remember, was implemented under Bush's administration. So in other words, it doesn't hurt the American people to have their own government spy on them; what hurts them is the KNOWLEDGE that the government is spying on them. Ah. So what we don't know can't hurt us? Forgive my skepticism.

Of course, the real takeaway here is that, by Bush's own twisted logic, anything he does is good, and anything anyone does in opposition to him is harmful. In other words, he is a giant toddler. I can (sort of) understand why he believes his own lies, but I still don't understand why the world at large is willing to buy into his egocentric little fantasy.

If this were a novel or a movie or a play, do you know what would be the perfect poetic justice? For Bush to be arrested and convicted of some crime based on evidence obtained through the PRISM program. Having avoided the consequences of his own actions for so long, to at last be hoist by his own petard would be immensely satisfying.

You can have that one for free, Hollywood.
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