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YoB&E: Day 144--Conversations with Bert

Okay, today's videos bear some explanation up front. Sesame Workshop has really committed itself to using the Internet and YouTube to get its message out there, to let people know about the neat new projects that they undertake, and to demonstrate its continuing cultural relevance. (As well as to provide evidence that Cookie Monster is NOT now, nor has he ever been, a Veggie Monster.) To that end, they made this sort of weird, quasi-parody talk show with Bert as sort of a James Lipton/Charlie Rose type interviewer, interviewing Andy Samberg. Why they picked Andy Samberg, I don't know, except that I know he appeared in a main story ("Street story," to use the vernacular) on the show in 2011, and that people seem to (have) enjoy(ed) him on SNL. What I really don't know is why they only did one interview. I would love for this to be a regularly occurring, web-exclusive feature, with Bert interviewing someone new every week, month or whatever.

All together it's about 11 minutes long, but well worth the time investment.

I'm not overly impressed with Andy Samberg, but he's a good sport and tries to play along, and I appreciate that. But Bert is really the driving comedic force here: "What is your official sock worldview?" "Do you have a favorite dry, white toast joke?" etc.

My favorite part is when Bert mistakes Harry Potter for the name of an author, because it reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine once. This was back in the year 2000 and Pottermania hadn't quite hit the college-age crowd yet (so I was on the forefront of that trend; I am so proud!) and I was talking to my friend about anticipating the next Harry Potter book, and he said, "Oh yeah, what does he write again?" HAHAHA!

I can say with nearly absolute certainty that this is Eric Jacobson performing Bert, and he does a great job, holding his own really well in the unscripted parts and keeping the character consistent throughout. I guess I shouldn't say that like it's a new revelation, though, since Eric Jacobson has been the main performer for Bert for approximately 10-15 years now, depending on who you ask. But it seems like a revelation to me, and it does my heart good to know that ol' buddy Bert is in such competent hands.

Speaking of Eric Jacobson, I'd just like to mention that he recently gave a brief CNN interview about puppetry, and working on Sesame Street specifically. Kind of interesting for those who like behind-the-scenes stuff.
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