Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

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Fifteen years

It has been fifteen years since Matthew Shepard was killed.

It has been ten and a half years since we did The Laramie Project.

I don't know which fact is more surreal.

Being such an important anniversary, I wanted to do something really significant, to say something really profound.

But I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say.

Sometimes it seems to me that nothing I do or say will be significant enough compared to doing The Laramie Project. I wish I could have saved that particular span of time in a bottle, and carry it around with me and show it to people who haven't seen it yet, and ask them to ask themselves, "Are you making yourself a channel of God's peace, or are you sowing the seeds of violence?"
Tags: faith, in memoriam, the laramie project, theatre
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