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YoB&E--Day 191: Deep Sea/Eight-Legged Wonder (Great Adventure)

I actually like the theme song to "Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures," but I imagine that it would probably get annoying to some after a while.

I can only find one copy of the video I want to post today, and for some reason the video portion cuts out right after the theme song, and then it's audio-only for approximately a minute. So that's why I'm not posting a link to skip the theme song today.

I'm posting this video because I want to refer back to it later, but also because it's neat. I love they way they do water with claymation.

"Bert is near...Bert is here!" Suddenly, Bert sounds like Cantus the Minstrel from Fraggle Rock.
(Speaking of Cantus, I don't get why everyone says he's is so cryptic; he makes perfect sense to me.)
Tags: internet videos, music, television, year of bert & ernie
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