Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

YoB&E: Day 192--Maltese Ducky (Great Adventure)

I missed last Friday. Oops.

(Click to skip the theme song, or scroll ahead 42 seconds.)

Once again, this is a parody of something I'm not all that familiar with in the first place. That is to say, I'm not that familiar with The Maltese Falcon or the noir genre in general, so I'm sure this probably a lot funnier than I realize.

I suppose that I really should read and/or watch The Maltese Falcon at some point. The new Lemony Snicket book series is inspired by it as well, so I probably am missing out on a lot by not being familiar with it.

We already know that Bert doesn't like cold water from Thursday's video about the eight-legged wonder: "If only the water weren't so wet and watery." I like that there's some continuity there.
Tags: books, internet videos, year of bert & ernie
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