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Dear ""

Please stop telling me that I'm being spied on. I KNOW that I'm being spied on. I'm being spied on by NSA and apparently it is completely legal for them to do so. Thanks again for nothing, ex-President W.

Anyway, I don't need to be told that I'm being spied on; what I need is to be told who in Congress would be willing to sponsor a bill that would prevent the NSA from spying on me, or at least severely curtail their capability to legally do so.

I intend to bring it up to RepNo the next time she calls me. And then I intend to have the number from which she calls me placed on my Call Rejection list, so that her next call me to will also be her last. Cuz I can do that now, hahahaha!

(Although her next call may not get through to me in the first place since I set up advanced security screen. Thank you, CenturyLink!)
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